Meet The Teaching Members

Wendy Harris

Wendy Harris


After more than 20 years in a traditional educational setting, and with a Master of Education from Lesley University, I decided it is time to branch out, by bringing my passion of teaching art directly into the community. As a teaching artist now, I have found there is a need to find an artist and teacher that knows their subject and can inspire others to want to create. Success in creating art is built on the basic concepts of the elements of art and the principles of design the emphasizes self-exploration, self-confidence and finding passion within to creating. I believe there is an artist in everyone the artist and teacher must find develop, inspire, and nurture that creativity within. Before teaching, I worked as a commercial artist in private industries and with my background  and experience as a graphic artist, artist, art teacher, and now a teaching artist, I have found a strong connection to geometric shapes, patterns, and textures as seen and observed in our everyday environment as well as in nature. Much can be accomplished with the right teacher, exposure to different mediums that will manifest each creative thought while inspiring individual styles and techniques that are unique to every individual. Because of my various experiences I have found myself drawn to, and influenced by, the works of artists such as Piet Mondrian, Frank Lloyd Wright, E. C. Escher, Paolo Uccello, George Seurat, Albrecht Durer, Mary Cassette and Vincent Van Gogh. More of my thoughts and art can be found on my website


Diana Norman

Diana Norman

I teach anything needed in cosplay construction and styling. Sewing, pattern making, paper mache, foam forming, anything needed for structure and support, like wood, or pvc pipe, spray foam, etc.

I teach digital drawing and digital collage. I specialize in digital monsters.

Beverly Tabet

Beverly Tabet

Artist Statement

My love of color is reflected in my photography.  As far back as I can remember I have had an interest in photography. I often combined my images with quotes and poems that I did in calligraphy and gave most of my creations away as gifts.  I  became a member of the Exeter Arts  Committee in 2009 and displayed my photos in my first official art show in December 2009!  Through my photographic journey, you will see those places and things that bring me joy!

I specialize in Senior Portraits, Children & Family Portraits and "Sports Fans in Training" Portraits. I am available to shoot events and small weddings as well. Another love I have is Landscape/Nature photography!



I have been fortunate to have lived in several beautiful places in the United States.  I grew up in Fairhaven, Massachusetts and fell in love with New Hampshire while I attended the University of New Hampshire where I earned my B. S. in Physical Education in 1976.   I taught high school P.E. at Exeter AREA High School for 10 years and moved to Boothbay Harbor, Maine where I taught elementary P.E. for 5 1/2 years before earning my Masters degree in Computers in Education from Lesley College in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  I became the Technology Coordinator in Boothbay and was in Maine for a total of 12 years before venturing across the country to accept a job in Los Angeles, California.  While teaching in L.A.  I also opened “Fit 2 Function”, a personal training studio where I was a Z-Health Movement Coach. I did silk painting and facilitated Drum & Rhythm circles for health and wellness there as well. 

In 2008 my life pretty much came full circle when I accepted a job as Technology Coordinator at Lincoln & Main Street Schools in Exeter, NH. I was class advisor for the EAHS class of 1984 and now I am having their children as my students!  In July of 2011, I opened Anahata Gallery with Deb Wheeler-Bean which was open until I moved to Hampton in 2013. I retired July 1, 2019 after 38 years of teaching and now can spend time following my photography passion and enjoying life!

I am a member of the Hampton Arts Network in Hampton, NH.

I love the ocean and am a true New Englander in my soul. I’m a Celtics fanatic (some would call me obsessive!) and I love going to their games in Boston.  Life is good!  My heart is happy!



University of New Hampshire, B.S. in Physical Education 1976

Lesley College, M. Ed. in Computers in Education 1997


Bev Tabet Photography

480 High Street

Hampton, NH 03842




Debra Ballou

Debra Ballou

As a young girl Debra Ballou spent weekends on her grandparents’ farm listening to the stories her grandmother told. This New Hampshire native now tells stories to people of all ages involving the natural and cultural history of the world. Some stories include musical instruments, like her Native American flute, singing, and/or audience participation. Debra immerses her audience in the wonders of the real and imaginary in her workshops and performances bringing from the mountains to the sea Tales from the Heart. 

A professional storyteller since 1996, with a B.A. in biology and M.S. in Environmental Studies Education, Debra tells a variety of stories including folktales, fairytales, Native American stories, original stories, personal stories, and poems for all to enjoy across New Hampshire and beyond. As a non-formal educator, she conducts workshops about a variety of topics including storytelling, environmental education, and most recently Native American flute playing.

She performed on radio programs for Portsmouth Community Radio and “The Talking Stick” at Colby Sawyer College as well as on PPMTV cable channel 98, Portsmouth, NH in “Stories by the Fire” and Stories in the Garden”. A member of New Hampshire Storytelling Alliance, she has volunteered and performed at many of their storytelling events. In 2012 she received the Gateways Award from NHSA for “Consistently Promotes Community, Understanding and Appreciation through the Oral Tradition of Story Telling”.

Since 1997 Debra has played her Native American flute for storytelling audiences in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts in many places including nature centers, libraries, schools, museums, Powwow storytelling circles, storytelling festivals, retirement homes and other venues.

Her flute music was used for the voice of the magic flute in Shawn Middleton’s story version “Jack and the Magic Beans” on his newest CD and for the introduction of this new CD, “Storytelling with Shawn, More Tales for the Wee Little Ones“, released in 2018.

Now Debra is happy to become part of Creative Community Space as a teaching artist to share and learn as she helps others who are in search of creative, fun learning experiences.








Gina Genest/ The Mindful Zone, LLC

Gina Genest/ The Mindful Zone, LLC

The Life Design Program with Gina C. Genest, M.Ed.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”  ~C.S. Lewis

Gina is at the forefront of providing individuals the opportunity to create lives of unlimited possibilities! A former school counselor of twenty-one years and a three time start up program designer, Gina brings her passionate energy to Life Design Coaching. After achieving success creating her own business, (The Mindful Zone, LLC)  through taking the Life Design Program, she is now a sought after workshop facilitator for conflict resolution. Gina knew she had to bring the Program to others and became a Certified Life Design Coach.

A passionate advocate for those she works with, Gina helps clients transform ideas held only in the mind into reality with support and guidance each step of the way. The Life Design Program provides the clarity and focus to create these conditions. Committed to successful outcomes, clients make fundamental shifts in their lives and become active participants in achieving their goals which are accomplished steadily with positive momentum. Co-creating your Life Design Program with Gina provides you with a strategic partner to engage with to successfully achieve dynamic changes in your life in a short amount of time.

So if you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and end procrastination once and for all contact Gina today at:  to design a life you love waking up to everyday!


“Thank you for your invaluable mentoring. You are amazing at what you do.” – Newmarket, NH

“I didn’t know I needed this work. What unfolded for me was my realization that I was not co-creating with the universe – I was only trusting in the universe to accomplish my goals. I realized that I needed to be an active participant to make thing happen and bring my vision and goals to life. The structure that Life Design provided helped me enormously in making things happen enabling me to and accomplish the goals I set for myself. This program worked better for me than anything I have ever used before in my life.” – Sedona, AZ

“Gina helped me to think outside the box allowing me to expand my goals and to work with more clarity in achieving them.”   -Medford, MA

“I loved working with Gina! The most powerful outcome for me using the Life Design Program was that it has helped me to feel more in control of my life rather than just moving thorough it.”  -  Boston, MA




Vandy Leigh

Vandy Leigh

Vandy has a Masters of Education degree in Creative Arts in Learning, Curriculum and Instruction from Lesley University in Boston. She teaches students of all ages from pre-school through all of adulthood.  She is certified to teach Art for grades K-12 in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. She is passionate about teaching pre-teens and teens. Vandy says, "Middle and High School students are the perfect art students.  They are curious and want to learn new things, but once they learn the "right way" they aren't afraid to push the limits and take their art to whole new levels."  In addition to visual arts, Vandy is a professional storyteller specializing in Spooky, Wisdom, and Folktales for 22 years. Vandy is a trained SoulCollage® facilitator and leads these magical workshops at Creative Community Space and out in the community. Vandy is the Creative Community Developer of Creative Community Space.

Danielle Gaynor

Deb Booth

Deb Booth

Deborah Booth brings a wealth of experience and dedication to the arts and has spent the last 15+ years in Epping School District Education working with Middle School and High School students. Born and raised in New England, Deborah has a BFA from Alfred University and an MA in Expressive Art Therapy from Lesley University.She is currently the Epping Middle School Art Teacher and the Unified Arts Team Leader, which unites a talented group of professionals each week to ensure that students are challenged and thinking creatively. Deborah's involvement in the community includes an artist in residence program that she implemented with local artist Rob Rossel, working to engage the students in a holistic large scale body of work developed over a period of the school year, promoting the students to work together.   Deborah has represented the Epping School District by presenting at the ISTE 2019 (International Society for Technology in Education) in Philadelphia on her recent "Technology and Art Collide" project. Followed by another exciting project with her students to clean up the beaches and use recycled materials to create unique artwork.    "I am passionate about art in many facets of my life, whether its finger painting with my grandchildren, or working with my students, as well as my love for art in nature. Through gardening, seeing the seasons change, and my frequent walks in the woods picking up various pieces of nature and forming miniature sculptures along my path.  I am very excited to be a part of the Artist Community right here in Epping and even more so to share my love for art with others too."     
Natalie Rotman Cote

Natalie Rotman Cote

Natalie Rotman Cote is an artist who loves nature and enjoys variety in her art. She enjoys travelling with her husband Steve and hopes to capture and share the beauty of the world through her art. They are avid animal lovers and their family currently includes 2 dogs: a retired racer Greyhound Tommy and Beagle rescue Niki.  Natalie got started in art when she took a drawing class as an adult at the Sharon Arts Center in Sharon, NH USA.  She has studied at the NH Institute of Art and has taken workshops with many professional photographers and painters over the past several years. Her art is available for purchase online at


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