Membership Benefits

Why you want to be a part of this!


Come and build your creative community! Too often people today are isolated. Artists and creatives find this is often the case as their work is often solitary. Getting into a creative routine takes time, members are encouraged to make time for their creative passions. Come to Open Art -offered weekly, meet other creatives, get inspired, collaborate! Come to member events, join a project group, i.e. support a non-profit cause, create an art installation etc… Come to member events, take classes, attend performances, find your people!

Teaching Members

When you join, Creative Community Space becomes YOUR space. You plan a class or gathering, you go on the website with your username and password, reserve your spot(s) and pay. Done. You publicize your event to who you like, take registrations through your website or email, collect YOUR money and have your class. CCS doesn’t take a cut of your registration fees. CCS doesn’t cancel your class. YOU are in charge. You work for yourself. You can build your own arts related business as much or as little as you like.

If you are having a gathering it works the same way. You choose your day and time online, pay there and then invite who you like. Charge admission or don’t. Have a charity event, have a reception for the publication of your new self-published book. Have a support group meeting. Have a club meeting or just a friendly get-together of like- minded people. It is up to you.

Creative Community Space takes care of the headaches. We provide the snow plowing and grass cutting, the toilet paper, the towels, the electricity, the heat and water. We publicize our website which helps promote you. Our other Teaching Artists do the same which allows for cross pollination. They bring their clients who take their classes and then classes with you too.

Try Before You Buy

Lead a class – one time- without insurance by paying the membership fee, rental & administration fees.